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Project Nemesis poster by KaijuSamurai

Here are my thoughts about this wonderful art of this picture, although comments are supposed to have 100 or more words which is annoying. Here i go:

COLORS: Very artistic, what surprises me is that explosion around lights up around the background. The buildings are are a good touch, especially one of them with windows all over looked detailed. The monster has great color as well, and the shadow work.

DRAWING: There's got to be lot of lines drawn, probably one pound. I like how the destruction of the buildings that they look like in real life, only in comic book version. The monster has probably the best drawn details of this picture with great work on scales.

MONSTER: Of course this giant monster is the star of this picture. I gotta say this is the monster that I've never seen this kind of all kaiju before. You put a great post and body work.

In my simplest comment on this picture, is that it's one of the legendary art and keep up the great work.
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